CCI’s Branding Design System


27 March 2020

My Role

Design Lead

Project Type

Brand Strategy, Print Design, Design Thinking

We design for a better tomorrow!

The Centre for Civic innovation was a new department that was created to solve the biggest challenges that the council is facing today.

The problem

The Centre for Civic innovation needed a graphical solution to the problem of the brand not being visible.



What I did

  • Conceptualised and generated ideas around the visual language,
  • Developing graphics for usage in print to digital,
  • Generating ideas for the office environmental graphics,
  • Designed the brand guidelines for the CCI and brand elements usage for third sector and other service departments within the council.

Research and insights

  • The core values of the CCI was to not be like the usual council perspective,
  • The team wanted to stand out and to feel part of something that’s going to make a massive impact,
  • Through interviews we realised that we needed to create a sense of community through design.

The impact

  • The graphical language has been used throughout the council and has given notice to the CCI department’s quality and efficiency,
  • The department is now getting recognised as an important factor and valuable asset that the council never knew that it needed.

Lessons learned

  • Never discard the first idea,
  • Generate lots of ideas but also do not discard,
  • Colleagues had ideas to contribute as well it is not always the designer.