What Are Others Saying?

I believe in the power of design to transform ideas into impactful design experiences. My commitment to excellence, creativity, and client collaboration has led to the creation of designs that resonate and leave a lasting impression.


Here, is my clients and colleagues sharing there thoughts on the work we’ve had the privilege to create together. From Graphic, Product, Service and User experience design, each project is a testament to my dedication to quality and innovation.


Invaluable Insight

I really enjoy collaborating with Chris. In particular, during the Designing Distributed Community Participation project, we really appreciated Chris’s generous participation where he shared really valuable insightful and advice from his role at CCI, which others in the network learned and benefited from. Every design team needs someone like Chris!

Dr Marianne McAra

Project Researcher, Creative Engagement Research Fellow


Accelerated Team Dynamics

In less than 3 months, Chris you have showed proactively, enthusiasm and energy. The dynamic of the design team has changed for the better with your addition and with your help we laid foundations for what is going to be a more effective, fast, driving and result oriented design team and they come in future.

Bilen Mujdaba

Senior UX Designer


Super Creative

Chris was a great part of the Silver Linings team. He had fantastic ideas from the outset and designed a beautiful book we can all be proud of. As part of the project he took photos of one of our families including children with additional needs. Chris was super patient and kind to them, making them feel comfortable about having their picture taken. Again, Chris has been an absolute pleasure to work with, he has a great sense of humour and a relaxed approach - neither of which hinder him from getting the job done brilliantly!

Helen Mill

Executive Director, The Village Storytelling Centre


Glasgow's UX Triumph

Thanks to the Glasgow UX designers for a really informative session they delivered for the Scotland tech council. Despite being in different areas of the bank, the collaboration displayed and your passion, for UX demonstrates how important it is for everyone to consider UX as an integral part of their engineering life-cycle. There was great feedback received from the audience and a real engagement displayed to learn more about this topic. Looking forward to the next one!

Radia Ali

Software Engineer


Consistently Impressive

Working with Chris on several projects was a delightful experience. His enthusiasm to tackle challenges and deliver professional designs was consistently impressive.

Daniel Gray

Web Development Lead


Great Collaboration with Scrum Team

Chris has a detail-orientated approach, improving the minor details of the current and new designs, this has enhanced the overall user experience of PPCR workflows to a greater extent. I admire the quality of the designs, creativity and PPCR projects is an evident of it.

Suganthi Laksmanan

Application Lead


Valued Feedback

Hey Chris, thank you so much for taking time out of your day on many occasions to review some of UX mock-ups with me. I really value and appreciate your comments and this will help improve our delivery of Barclays Well architectured. it’s been a pleasure working with you.

Heather McCollum

Senior UX Designer


CCI's Bright Spark

Chris was a valuable and well liked member of the CCI team. He was creative, positive and full ideas and always happy to help with any task.

Stevie Mcgowan

Creative Design Lead