CCI – Story for So Far


30 June 2022

My Role


Project Type

Editorial Design

Story for So Far Report

The Centre for Civic innovation methodology is changing the way public sectors work.

The problem

The Centre for Civic innovation was created in 2019 and we wanted to create an editorial that shares what we have achieved as a small innovative team since the department was created.



What I did

  • Collated comprehensive data from team members to structure content encompassing our organizational scope, key themes, strategies for addressing urban challenges, innovative solutions, fostering social innovation ecosystems, knowledge dissemination, capacity building, and highlighting strategic partnerships.
  • Led the design of a 30-page document crucial for securing funding for sustainable fuels. This document, distributed among stakeholders, served as a medium to showcase the impact and knowledge generated by our compact team within the Glasgow City Council.
  • Implemented a self-developed design system across applications, websites, documentation, and workshops. This standardized styling facilitated the creation of a report tailored for diverse audiences, ensuring cohesive presentation and accessibility.
  • Crafted social media content aligned with the reports messaging, culminating in a substantial engagement of 5000 users, as validated by Twitter analytics.


The impact

  • Collating team input formed a comprehensive content framework covering organizational operations, problem-solving strategies, partnerships, and more, enhancing the report’s depth.
  • Leading the creation of a 30-page report crucial for funding and knowledge-sharing showcased the team’s impact within Glasgow City Council.
  • Implementing a unified design system across platforms ensured consistent branding and facilitated accessibility in the report.
  • Crafting aligned social media content resulted in engaging 5000 users, broadening the report’s reach and increasing awareness of CCI initiatives.

Lessons learned

  • Taking a step back from closely-engaged work allows for a constructive perspective on design. Iterating from this vantage point is key to achieving successful design outcomes.