Design & Data-Led – Digital Toolbox


30 June 2022

My Role


Project Type

Branding, UX & UI

Design with data toolbox

Data Centre for ExcellenceToolbox is an agile methodology developing design data-led solutions creating a culture shift within the Glasgow City Council.

The problem

The department needed a Toolbox that breaks down the team’s process into easy to follow steps, and to provide guides and templates that could be downloaded and used when appropriate.



What I did

  • Collaborated with the design lead to strategise and built the content structure layout from the discover workshop ensuring information architecture was easily navigable,
  • Designed the wire frames that was the foundation for digital product extracted from the sitemap that was created during the discover workshop, which I mocked up in adobe XD,
  • Created over 60+ toolbox downloadable PDF design resource and templates eg; ‘HMW’, ‘Rose thorn bud’, ‘Blue sky thinking’ that could be used in the corresponding stage you are at in the toolbox process,
  • Prototyped the toolbox with users using AB testing, asking the participants to verbalise what they were thinking during each set-task to understand the unknown errors, I created iterative designs based on the feedback making the experience better,
  • Through testing participants where responding positively to certain navigation word choice, eg; ‘continue’ instead of ‘next’ from the feedback the insight was the word choice brings the user into the experience rather than making it like clicking through a checklist.

The impact

  • New departments have been developed because of the toolbox, the understanding that using data, making evidence based decisions is needed to make better services and products rather than decisions made by underlining assumptions,
  • A culture shift has happened because of toolbox and it has highlighted the real need for change and understanding the real problems and highlighting the need for collaborative working which is crucial to generate innovation.

Lessons learned

  • Collaborated with front end-developers to conduct basic editing on the HTML of the toolbox.