Phlo Digital Pharmacy – Onboarding re-design concept

Re-design On boarding of Phlo Digital Pharmacy App

Phlo is on a growth spurt and we want to be able to onboard patients as quickly as possible, but with an enjoyable experience. We want to ensure that patients are clear on how the service works and decrease any barriers for entry.

The Goal

Re-design Phlo’s onboarding experience to allow patients to be onboarded quickly, effectively and delightfully.

Users Goals and Tasks

User Goals

  • To get your Phlo account set up on the app,
  • To understand how Phlo sevices works,
  • To get his medication asap.

User Tasks

  • Gain an understanding of the service Phlo provides,
  • Enter the basic information for creating an account,
  • Location of the GP practice,
  • T&C’s, marketing and pharmacy nomination.

This on boarding process fulfill’s Phlo’s requirements by ensuring a smooth onboarding experience that is reliable, quick, efficient, effective, and delightful. It focuses on understanding Users goals, providing an easy setup, and ensuring the app is quick, precise, and easy to navigate from point A to point B based on his scenarios and needs.