Edinburgh way-finder App – UX accessible focused concept

Edinburgh Way-finder App

Edinburgh council needs an accessible way for visitors to plan their journey through the city.

The Goal

Designing an inclusive digital product that helps visitors to plan a route to a destination within the city.


Users Goals and Tasks

User Goals:

  • A user is from London visiting Edinburgh, worried about not be able to get to areas as they require wheelchair access,
  • Arrived at desired destination.

User Tasks:

  1. Opens app,
  2. Search for planed destination,
  3. Finds destination and selects description page,
  4. Reads description page and selects relative information,
  5. Clicks start journey.



A user is a visitor from London relying on a wheelchair, seamlessly navigates Edinburgh’s streets with confidence and ease. The user opens the Edinburgh Way-finder app and inputs there desired destination. With a user-friendly interface designed for inclusivity, he quickly finds detailed accessibility information, ensuring his route accommodates his wheelchair needs.

Upon selecting the destination, the user explores the description page featuring specific accessibility details:

  • Ramp availability,
  • Elevator access,
  • Nearby accessible facilities.

Feeling assured, the user taps “Start Journey.”

The app’s integrated navigation system guides the user along accessible pathways, avoiding obstacles and highlighting wheelchair-friendly routes. As they reach there destination, the user will feel empowered by the app’s accuracy and comprehensive information, enabling them to explore Edinburgh’s beauty without limitations. The successful outcome lies in the users fulfilled experience, highlighting the city’s accessibility and inclusivity through the Edinburgh Way-finder app.