Lectures – Introduction to UX Design Principles

Introduction of UX design

Conducting talks to introduce the design practice to Barclays teams within the Glasgow Campus, and together with five other designers, we aimed to dispel the misconception that design is only about aesthetics and highlight the many levels of expertise within the field of UX design.

The Goal

By building a stronger presence of design within Barclays Glasgow Campus, we aim to remove any stigma associated with the practice and demonstrate the value that design brings to projects.

Uplift to Barclays' Value and Business Impact
  • Educating teams on the importance of design, and how it can improve their products and services experience.
  • Removing the stigma that design is only about aesthetics and highlighting the many levels of expertise within the field.
  • Providing teams with a better understanding of the design process and how discovery sessions can build empathy so, you can understand pain points that users face on your products:
    • Introducing product testing before an MVP is developed by using figma designs,
    • How to gain insight within user interviews and user feedback.

The implementation of these Talks signifies an opportunity to revolutionize our problem-solving capabilities, fostering innovation and efficiency in alignment with Barclays’ strategic objectives. Since we started these talks we have been referenced as the cause for growth of multiple new UX designer roles within the Barclays campus.