Open Session – UX Design Workshops

Creative Problem Solving

The Design Council at Barclays Glasgow campus, has organised open design workshops, focusing on creative problem-solving, the workshops aims to captivate the Glasgow campus, audience, attention assessing demand for regular use experience sessions among the 5500 employees and navigating for best practice.

These initiative aims to ensure the Barclays products receive the consistently excellent user experience the rightly deserve.

The Goal

To understand if there is a need for UX design workshops within the Glasgow campus.

Uplift to Barclays' Value and Business Impact

The implementation of these workshops promises several tangible benefits:

  • The initial introduction to UX presentation received an all-round positive response,
  • The feedback we received shows there is a significant demand for increased UX involvement in ongoing projects throughout the bank,
  • Heightened awareness of the vital role of UX in products success,
  • Recognising the importance of UX design, and ensuring products achieve their intended purpose.

The implementation of these workshops signifies an opportunity to revolutionize our problem-solving capabilities, fostering innovation and efficiency in alignment with Barclays’ strategic objectives.