UX Design – Creative Problem Solving Course

Creative Problem Solving Course

The Design Council has been approached by multiple teams seeking collaborative workshops tailored to their unique needs. These sessions are designed to instigate a shift in conventional problem-solving paradigms, equipping teams with diverse methodologies to adapt and enhance their current approaches effectively.

The Goal

Our overarching ambition is to position Glasgow as a centre of design-led thinking within Barclays. Through these workshops, we aim to share design principles, techniques, and methodologies across the Glasgow campus, thereby revolutionizing teams approach to problem-solving.

Uplift to Barclays' Value and Business Impact

The implementation of these workshops promises several tangible benefits:

  • Enhanced project budget efficiencies due to the expedited problem-solving derived from shared knowledge.
  • Augmented prominence for the Design Council, empowering teams to navigate diverse problem-solving avenues.
  • Heightened recognition of the significance of research-led decision-making, amplifying its positive impact across departments.

The implementation of these workshops signifies an opportunity to revolutionize our problem-solving capabilities, fostering innovation and efficiency in alignment with Barclays’ strategic objectives.