A Sustainable Scotland


7 February 2020


Service Design Academy

My Role


Project type

Prototyping and Testing

Creating an sustainable country by 2050!

This was a prototype workshop hosted in Edinburgh for testing the SDA’s new future building tool to be developed into there existing toolkit.

The question

How might we build an sustainable country for a better world?



What I did

  • Testing and evaluating how the tool to spark and generate conversations,
  • Analysing the language used was understandable,
  • Generating ideas that promote local communities to come together and to design their own solution,
  • To embed designers in communities to co-design solutions to local problems that arise.

The impact

  • It highlighted that it is easy to get lost in the detail and not look to the bigger picture,
  • Providing feedback that led to a better tool for the SDA toolbox.

Lessons learned

  • Make sure that everybody in your group is ready to move to the next task,
  • Understanding that not everyone is comfortable to speak out load in a group.