Building Trust with Citizens


11 December 2019

My Role


Project type

Service design, research

Growing the trust between the people of Glasgow and its Council

We wanted to understand why is there a huge distrust and lack of understanding of what services the council provides to its citizens.

The problem

How might we as a council build trust with the people of Glasgow?



What I did

  • Breaking down the barriers and understanding why citizens distrust the city Council,
  • Designed an engagement prototype call the tree of trust for citizens to help grow trust with GCC,
  • End to end user experience, on the ground research interviews,
  • Walking through the streets of Glasgow to gain insight on the topic,
  • Developing user flows, empathy mappings to the person’s needs,
  • Co-designed an interactive and immersive experience for the final client presentation,
  • Brainstorming to prototyping to final product and then final presentation.

Research and insights

  • We received 50 responses to our data gathering from an hour in Glasgow city centre,
  • Some of the highlights responses:
    • “Honesty from officials”
    • “Delivering on promises and action on issues”
    • “Transparency and openness with local updates”
    • “Not to put money before the people”
    • “Visit the schools and explain what you need to know about your local Council”

The impact

  • Created an awareness that some citizens are not aware of the services that the council provides,
  • Open the eyes of the senior officials by making an immersive experience that explained our findings,
  • Showing the power of Storytelling and it not just about drawing dots connecting its people life’s we want to improve.

Lessons learned

  • Understanding that you need to get the right people in the room to make a impact,
  • We need to be more active when understanding a issue that has risen,
  • Not jumping to solution mode, take the time to break down what we already know.