Single & Album Covers


26 June 2021


Various Artists

My Role

Design Lead

Project Type

Print Design, Social Media Design, Advertising

Changing the world one tune at a time!

Representing the music through the artwork on display.

The problem

Glasgow’s underground indie rock bands needed artworks that truly represented them for there new music.



What I did

  • Facilitating mini-workshops to create a vision for the indie bands, defining the vision, aims of what they wanted to achieve,
  • Brainstormed ideas with the various bands to get them involved in the design process,
  • Designed and developed the visual brand for the various bands,
  • Created the visuals on the record sleeves.

The impact

  • The artists where proud of there new music had a face,
  • Increased sales by 75% to the albums via social media and Spotify,
  • Raised awareness of the new music,
  • Created an community through the artwork and the music.

Lessons learned

  • You should always lead the conversation otherwise it can get led off track other wise,
  • Some of the bands would rather you take it off of there hands, instead of them being involved in the design process.