Private Rented Sector


5 June 2021


Private Rented Sector - GCC

My Role

Design Lead

Project Type

Service Design, Print Design, Design Thinking

Giving you a home for good.

Private Rented Sector (PRS) provide; tenancy support, supporting with paying rent, applying for universal credit and many other benefits helping the tenants with housing solutions.

The problem

PRS deals with multiple issues in housing and needed a way to visualise their service and what it provides simply and to create success stories to gain funding for further growth in the department.



What I did

  • Understood the real challenges that PRS are facing with a discover workshop and articulating back to the department heads the intial challenge is not the problem they thought it was,
  • Collaborated with copyrighter and data scientists to conform all the data entry points that the PRS has, understanding the stories and producing them in a appropriate way,
  • Designed a graphic system with department heads to highlight the complexity and multiplicity of services they provide which is in a range of 1-20 services and growing due to Covid-19,
  • Created the department visual user and staff journey in plan english.
    • So, staff and users understand where they are within the process of getting assistance from PRS,
  • Designed the visual case studies from the bank of PRS success stories of what the service provides to citizens across Glasgow and as result securing funding to continue their great work.

Research and insights

  • PRS didn’t have a visual process that employees could follow to understand at a high-level the services PRS provides,
  • The complexity and multiplicity of services they provide is in a range of 1-20 services and growing due to Covid-19,
  • PRS needed a simplified yet accurate version of there approach so, staff don’t get overwhelmed with the amount of information they need to retain,
  • PRS also wanted to show the success stories of what the service provides to citizens across Glasgow to secure funding to continue there great work.
  • Not everyone within the department knew how all the processes was connected,
  • Workloads where getting duplicated because many people were working on the same inquiry,
  • The stories were written in a report format which we had to translate it into personal story format to be relatable,
  • Because of lock-down digital outcomes were necessary to be created so, it could be easily shared with staff and clients via email or online.

The impact

  • As a result of the simple design system the department officers are following the structure for telling the stories, which is gaining great traction and encourages citizens to ask for help,
  • The PRS department are gaining the success it deserves, gaining more recognition externally and internally for the impact it has on families they assist and securing funding for future work,
  • Citizens are coming forward for help because of their relatable stories being shared and understanding where they are in the process of the department visual process.

Lessons learned

  • Always figure out what are the key messages in the initial client meeting,
  • Asking questions within the initial meeting to figure out the core meaning of the project,
  • No question is a stupid question,
  • You’re working with a department that you have no knowledge on so, ask away.