Colab – Innovation Lab


10 April 2022

My Role

Design Lead

Project Type


Colab - Innovation Lab

The Colab brand suggests the only way to innovate is to collaborate.

The problem

The new department needed a new brand identify for its toolkit on collaboration and innovation so, it can be recognisable within the council’s culture.



What I did

  • Worked directly with the department heads to understand their initial ideas,
  • I produce research in the form of mood boards to show the clients the direction that the CoLab brand could be,
  • Produced 4 concepts for the new brand and proceeded with the chosen one above,
  • Designed the simple animation to introduce and elevate this new brand is to make new solutions with people of Glasgow.

The impact

  • The charm of the identify and friendless made the department approachable,
  • It remove the stigma of corporate inside a corporate organisation,
  • The department’s toolkit was a success with other departments interest raised around 70%.

Lessons learned

  • Working with many voices in the room, you need to identify the main decision-maker,
  • Make sure your create meeting notes and clarify next steps before you end the meeting.