Ending Homelessness Campaign


10 April 2022

My Role

Design lead, Art director

Project Type

Branding, Campaign

Ending Homelessness across Europe Campaign

ROOF is an URBACT Action Planning Network on ending homelessness through housing solutions.

The problem

The ROOF Ending Homelessness Campaign needed an identity that could be used across the 9 cities to express their key messages and findings from the 2 year project.



What I did

  • Led the design team and art directed the branding guidelines that was distributed to the 9 cities.
    • All of the marketing within each individual city can be consistent and connect to the final event that was held in May 2022,
  • Designed the concept of the house, with each coloured shard representing one of the 9 partner cities, presented concept to team and stakeholders,
  • Collaborated with the media team to produce the 4 key messages that the campaign would communicate about,
  • Created the final exhibition graphics that combines all 9 shards together into one for the final event,
  • Assigned each of the 9 cities, their own colour and graphic system gave them freedom to create original content based on the branding guidelines I created for this campaign,
  • Art directed, edited and recorded the voice-overs via Zoom for the final output video conclusion and next steps of the project to the European Union.

Research and insights

  • Glasgow is an innovative city within the homelessness situation providing housing for solutions that prevent homelessness,
  • Glasgow is one of the nine cities however small it shows that all it takes is innovation to change the situation,
  • Here are some of the data that has been pulled out relating to Glasgow:
    • “626,400 People live in Glasgow, 6,000 people are homeless in the city.”
    • “300 People are sleeping rough year round in Glasgow.”
    • “5,700 People in Glasgow are without a home today.”

The impact

  • This campaign highlighted to politicians and partners in the EU that this is not an issue that is going to go away, highlighting the importance of this issue and for it to be addressed by 2030,
  • Camaraderie with the 9 shards, together to make a house represents the collaboration between the nine cities and bringing together new partnerships to push their agenda of housing first forward,
  • The identity and campaign inspires us to use our collective strength and work together to end homeless forever. Creating a community of cities putting a ROOF over Europe for all.

Lessons learned

  • Make sure your explanations are clear and to the point because many of the partners may not speak fluent English,
  • Working directly with the communications team cleared up any concerns that were made within the initial meetings,
  • Clustering all of the ideas from the 9 cities however have the confidence to object if you believe that this concept isn’t the way forward and present a new solution to show the new direction.