EuroCities 2020


2 July 2022

My Role


Project Type

Editorial Design

Glasgow puts people first

Glasgow, in our native Gaelic language means “a dear, green place”. As the host city for the UN Climate Conference COP26 next year we fully intend on living up to that description.

The problem

The Leader of the council approach the CCI to help pull together and design a editorial around the submission for #EuroCities2020.



What I did

  • Facilitated discussions with the client to comprehensively grasp the editorial requisites, consolidating input from the marketing and press departments. This process aimed to holistically manage the design workflow for the editorial.
  • Spearheaded the design direction for a 30-page editorial, showcasing Glasgow’s environmental progress through council-led initiatives and community-driven endeavors prioritizing people-centric solutions.
  • Collaborated closely with the press department, discerning and delineating public information from confidential details for inclusion in the editorial.
  • Developed bespoke iconography and illustrations to complement the textual content where suitable imagery was either unavailable or incompatible.
  • Led relations with printers, overseeing the production of over 500 copies of the saddle-stitched document. Ensured timely delivery to the City Chambers before the designated deadline of Friday, the 12th.
  • Curated and disseminated social media content highlighting Glasgow’s involvement in EuroCities 2020, specifically spotlighting the CCA’s contribution to the editorial. Leveraging our in-house storyteller, our media marketing strategy successfully engaged a broad audience of over 100,000 users, as corroborated by Twitter analytics.

The impact

  • Led discussions with the client and merged input from marketing and press teams for a streamlined editorial design process.
  • Directed the creation of a 30-page editorial, spotlighting Glasgow’s environmental strides and community-driven initiatives for a people-centric approach.
  • Worked closely with the press department, ensuring a balanced inclusion of public information and safeguarding confidential details.
  • Crafted bespoke iconography and illustrations to enhance textual content lacking suitable imagery, adding depth to the editorial.
  • Managed printer relations and supervised the production of 500+ copies, ensuring timely delivery before the deadline.
  • Curated and shared impactful content on Glasgow’s EuroCities 2020 involvement, engaging over 50,000 users.

Lessons learned

  • One key takeaway was the necessity of establishing deadlines for incorporating additional content into initial designs before finalizing elements for printing. This strategic approach ensures comprehensive content integration and minimizes disruptions in the printing process