Girls at COP26


2 July 2022

My Role

Art director, Designer

Project Type


Girls at COP26: The Solutions Are Feminist

More than 2500 S3 secondary pupils from schools across the city will gather at a special conference at Glasgow Caledonian University for the duration of the COP26 to debate different aspects of the climate emergency with a female twist. #GirlsAtCOP26

The problem

In anticipation of COP26 in November, the Glasgow City Council faced the urgent need to establish an identity for Girls at COP26. This initiative required a rapid turnaround of identity design within a two-hour timeframe upon receipt of the brief. Swift distribution of assets to printers and ad agencies was essential for seamless integration into their COP26 advertising campaigns.



What I did

  • Collaborated with stakeholders to analyse and interrogate the brief that was given to understand if we’re going in the right direction.
  • Producing multiple proof of concept designs Girls at COP26, with variations of styles and Scottish references.
  • Created and signed off the final design within a timely manner, sending to ad agencies and enhance graphics department for them to apply the logo to various advertising message in house and out of house.

The impact

  • Collaborating with stakeholders ensured clear project alignment, preventing potential issues down the line.
  • Creating multiple designs showcased adaptability and creativity, ensuring a thoughtful final design for COP26.
  • Swiftly finalizing the design enabled seamless implementation across various advertising platforms, meeting deadlines efficiently.
  • Coordinating with ad agencies and graphics teams facilitated versatile application across internal and external advertising mediums.
  • Post-event social media marketing engaged over 100,000 users, as evidenced by Twitter analytics, promoting content around Girls at COP26.

Lessons learned

  • An essential takeaway from our experience is the pivotal role of establishing and rigorously adhering to deadlines in collaboration with the client. This practice stands as a fundamental factor in ensuring timely delivery of products and services.