26 November 2013



My Role


Project Type

Print Design, Experiment Design

Playing and having fun, trying out new things!

Improving my skills by taking a mixed media approach, learning from many styles to further my growth as a designer.

The problem

As a designer it is easy to get stuck in a style and I didn’t want to get stuck down that path, so i needed to try something different.



What I did

  • Developing new skills with a range of different media, for example, print, digital, crafts, sculptures,
  • Expanding my knowledge on the adobe software by learning by doing,
  • Returning back to pen and paper instead of going straight to the computer,
  • Understanding when i needed step back and learn and practice more to achieve a cretin stranded.

Research and insights

  • It has highlighted that you can do anything with practice,
  • To never be afraid to unlearn something.

The impact

  • It has allowed me to expressed my designs in many different ways,
  • The different styles has increased business sales,
  • Showing that you can create what you see in your head,
  • Always to go with your gut, it is usually right.

Lessons learned

  • Always have a beginner’s mindset,
  • Never be afraid of a tool or technique,
  • Being uncomfortable is a place of learning
  • Get out of your comfort zone.