Data Centre of Excellence


27 October 2018

My Role

Design Lead

Project Type

Design Thinking, Branding, UX and UI

Designing insightful stories with data

The Data Centre of Excellence brings together data statistics, analytics skills with design skills. The department is designed to deliver better outcomes for citizens by embedding a design data led culture which drivers better decision making across the city council.

The problem

The newly formed department needed a visual identity, website and a brand strategy to showcase the ground breaking innovative work that is being delivered through design data-led solutions.



What I did

  • Designed and developed the visual brand, the identity, wireframes for the website, the graphic system and branding guidelines,
  • Participated in workshops to create and define the vision for department, aims of the project, connecting to the current business objectives,
  • Reviewed the research interviews and produced insights based on the initial analysis of the user interviews – designed user flows and user stories, which led to information architecture creation,
  • Designed with an mobile first approach for the website from low-high fidelity prototypes, receiving instant feedback from users to iterating the designs, making evidence based design decisions,
  • Coordinated tasks and handed over the design files to the front and back-end developers to produce the final designs.

Research and insights

  • The design team interviewed the whole department of 25 staff to get their input into making the new vision of the department a reality.

The impact

  • The department website gained traction internally which led to new clients requesting to collaborate with the team,
  • All of the projects that the team had was turned into case studies, showing the insight and innovative methods used to solve challenges with the data the council already hold,
  • Attracted new clients internally that had lots of data however didn’t know where to start to solve the problem, or how to interpret the data they had.

Lessons learned

  • One mayor lesson I did learn quickly was to never assume that everyone is on the same page and are aware of the changes you are making.
  • Learning about web accessibility and how to make suggestions to make content more accessible to users.
  • Building my relationship with the developers and understanding HTML and CSS capabilities.