Pop Shock Podcast


10 April 2022

My Role

Design Lead


Pop Shock Podcast

Project Type

Design Thinking, Branding

The future of pop culture podcasts!

Do you like Comics, Movies, Video games and everything in-between? Well, This is the podcast for you!

The problem

The PopShock podcast needed a brand identify. The social media templates and web banners for all the media outlets that where the podcast is being hosted.



What I did

  • Direct contact with the clients through initial negotiations outlining the scope of the project,
  • Produced research mood boards based on the initial client own inspiration,
  • Presented 4 design concepts for the new identify,
  • Developed chosen concepts and designed the final outputs.

The impact

  • Designed an effective identify and engaging with their target audience.
  • The brand is family friendly and easy to share across many forms of medium.

Lessons learned

  • The problem that is raised is usually the symptom of the problem,
  • Step back and ask why?