Communities on Lockdown


27 September 2021

My Role

Facilitating community engagement

Project Type

Engagement, Research

Connecting with local citizens of Glasgow

We created an engagement session to run alongside the Silver Linings launch event, to understand the community thoughts on Lock down and what if it happen again.

The question

If Lock downs were to happen again tomorrow, what would you like to see happen in your neighborhood?



What I did

  • Co-designed the session with members of the CCI,
  • Created advertising on social media,
  • Facilitating the engagement,
  • Interacting with the attendees of the Silver linings launch event.
  • Improvising on original plan to increase engagement.

Research and insights

  • We received 23 responses to our data gathering out of 40 attendees,
  • The responses tell an added story about how people have reflected on the pandemic and their neighborhoods,
  • Some of the highlights responses:
    • “Organisations linking up with each other”
    • “Make it easier to seek help”
    • “More of the same please, community spirit every time!”.

The impact

  • The engagement was part of Glasgow’s Bloomberg Bid 2021,
  • Engaging with the public and putting smile on there face,
  • Creating an safe space for the citizens to express there thoughts and feelings,
  • Highlights that we need to do more of engagements to build a presence in communities.

Lessons learned

  • Be sensitive to the target audience, don’t make it like I need something from you,
  • We need to find better ways of explaining what we are asking for and why and what the information will be used for,
  • More time to develop a stronger toolkit for people to engage in the process.


Photos that are used, Taken by Joe Habben