Housing First with Queens Cross


30 June 2022

My Role

Art director, Designer

Project Type

Editorial Design

Housing First with the Queen Cross Housing Association.

The Centre for Civic Innovation have been working with the Queens Cross Housing Association to understand how they have implemented the innovative Housing First practice across Glasgow which has been translated into this report.

The problem

The Queen’s house in association the needed to be an editorial created for the stories that the house in first initiation has helped the people that are suffering from homelessness.



What I did

  • Collaborated with the charity to conduct interviews with individuals previously homeless, now benefitting from the charity’s support, transitioning from the streets to secure housing.
  • Led the design of a comprehensive 20-page report containing narratives collected by the housing association and our in-house storyteller over several months.
  • Commissioned a professional photographer to capture portraits within the homes of beneficiaries, portraying their success due to the support provided by the Queens Cross Association.
  • Directed the recording, editing, and artistic direction of a series of videos highlighting the impact of the Housing First initiative on both service users and staff experiences, encapsulating their journeys and successes.

The impact

  • Collaborating with the charity to interview individuals who had transitioned from homelessness to secure housing showcased real-life success stories. This humanized the initiative, shedding light on the tangible impact of the association’s efforts.
  • Leading the design of a 20-page report that incorporated collected narratives highlighted the experiences and transformations of those benefiting from the initiative. This report likely served as a powerful tool for advocacy, awareness, and showcasing the initiative’s effectiveness.
  • Commissioning a photographer to capture portraits of beneficiaries within their homes added a visual dimension to the success stories. These images humanized the impact and provided a compelling visual narrative of progress.
  • Directing the creation of a series of videos depicting the effects of the Housing First initiative on beneficiaries and staff provided a multimedia representation of success stories. This likely amplified the project’s reach, engaging audiences through compelling visual storytelling.

Lessons learned

  • One of the valuable lessons gained was the importance of withholding judgment based on appearances and acknowledging the resilience and capacity for transformation within individuals who have utilized this service. It demonstrated that positive change is within reach for anyone, irrespective of initial perceptions.