EU: ROOF Peer City Visit – Glasgow


30 June 2022

My Role

Art director, Designer

Project Type

Print, Event Design

Glasgow ROOF Peer Visit 2022

In 2022, Glasgow hosted the @URBACTROOF members from nine European cities, uniting to share best practices and address the common goal of ending homelessness.

The problem

While the event aimed to foster collaboration and share insights within the Centre for Civic Innovation, a critical challenge arose as essential materials for the event for sharing were lacking.



What I did

  • Developed a comprehensive map detailing events and locations over the three-day visit.
  • Produced A0 posters, A4 tri-fold flyers, marketing content and workshop materials, facilitating participants in planned workshops aimed at understanding homelessness in Glasgow and beyond.
  • Managed liaisons with printers and merchants, ensuring timely delivery within a stringent 48-hour schedule.
  • Ran workshops to gather unique perspectives on homelessness across the nine cities, fostering a collaborative plan and proposing funding initiatives to address homelessness in Europe.

The impact

  • Facilitated a robust exchange of knowledge and awareness among the nine cities, leading to the implementation of successful homelessness solutions tested in other cities.
  • Fostered stronger connections and collaborations among the participating cities, creating a foundation for ongoing knowledge exchange and partnership in the shared mission to end homelessness.
  • With the marketing materials posted on the social media during and after the event we managed to engage 10,000+ users to the content around end homelessness in Glasgow which we learned through Twitter analytics.

Lessons learned

  • Emphasized the importance of clear communication and understanding among team members during high-pressure situations, acknowledging its pivotal role in ensuring efficient teamwork and meeting established deadlines.