Silver Linings


27 August 2021

My Role

Design Lead

Project Type

Design Thinking, Print Design

Sharing the little rays of sunshine from the pandemic

The Greater Pollok local community gather 60 stories sharing the good deeds done across the global pandemic.

The problem

The client had collected over 60 stories of resilience in the face of adversity and a positive legacy of the pandemic. However they needed it to be designed and produced into a book format so, it could be distributed across the local community.



What I did

  • Led the planning and execution of the project, setting deadlines for the main milestones and for external photographers,
  • Facilitated workshops via Zoom on Miro, assigning for the small design team to follow. Managing the project from concept to delivery with check-ins with the client directly,
  • Set up photo-shoots with the local people that their stories feature in the book when the external photographers could’t meet the deadline,
  • Created all the illustrations in the book, over 60 individual illustrations was designed for the book,
  • Liaised with printers and suppliers, setting up the print and delivery to the client and handling the administration of the job,
  • Designed the full book, roller banners and the outdoor poster for the launch event,
  • Co-designed and organised the visual materials for the launch event directly with the client.

Research and insights

  • Some of the citizens have a hard time communicating with the council,
  • Understanding the reality of Covid-19 had on people lives,
  • Citizens don’t bother asking the council for help because they have been disappointed in the past.

The impact

  • The success of this local project has highlighted to the council of the importance of local community work and this is a feature project within the CCI work portfolio,
  • Community spirit around the printed book, smiles on the children faces when they open to there own story,
  • 60 family’s are now connected when they weren’t before this project, a community has be reborn through this community book.

Lessons learned

  • Communication needed to be clear and simple to-do lists on the weekly catch-ups so, workloads don’t get duplicated.
  • Create a feedback loop with citizens and always feedback what you have learned to them.