Food Futures in Glasgow 2030


24 September 2021


Glasgow School of Art

My Role


Project type

Research, Future design

Creating and designing what Glasgow will look like in 10 years time!

Collaborative Futures course 2021-2022. Sharing my industry knowledge and collaborated with the product team to produce the outcome (2 CCI members where part of the team of 6.) A research-led and speculative vision of what the future of food could be in Glasgow in 10 years time.

The problem

Glasgow’s Food Futures: What would the Local Ecosystems of Social Innovation in 2031 look like?



What I did

  • Facilitated sessions building rapport and creating a safe space for the team to share there ideas,
  • Co-design the project structure with the core team to identify roles and responsibilities,
  • Coordinated and executed field research to develop an Eco-map of the area (East of Glasgow), and is food easily accessible or not,
  • Aligning with the ongoing research and idea creation to the CCI and the GCC values and future development plans for 2031,
  • Strategised and developed interviews with citizens of Glasgow, creating a picture of what food means to them,
  • Co-created the narratives from the research insights found in the interviews,
  • Mentored students on developing their skills towards moving from student to professional.

Research and insights

  • Coming soon!

The impact

  • Coming soon!

Lessons learned

  • Coming soon!

Team members involved in the project:
Amandine Fong: Product Design Student,
Hannah Roche: Product and Service Design Student,
Lydia Stewart: Graduate Designer,
Katie Upsdale: MDes Innovation & Service Design Student,
Heather Hamilton: Design Research / Service Design (CCI).