Village Storytelling Centre


10 April 2022

My Role

Design Lead

Project Type


Village Storytelling Centre - Redrawn Identity

The village storytelling centre is Scotland’s leading applied storytelling organisation and a centre for contemporary storytelling performance.

The problem

The identity that the client was currently using was pixelated and was not suitable to be used within print or online outputs. The charity hosts events regularly which can be online and in-person and is part of a network of sovlers which the identity appears on all the media that is produced.



What I did

  • Met with the client directly to see what the issue was and to plan the milestones,
  • Set out an agreed timeframe on when the work was going to be completed,
  • Redrawn the identify in a vector output from the pixelated JPEG that the client was currently using,
  • Designed a short branding guidelines for the in-house media team to use,
  • All outputs where CMYK and RGB suitable.

The impact

  • The village storytelling centre now has a clear identity that can be sent out to their community via print and online materials,
  • With a clean identity it given the charity a sense of professionalism and it is easily identifiable once the identity was no longer pixelated.

Lessons learned

  • Don’t make projects bigger than they should be,
  • Make sure you are in direct contact with the client to resolve to solutions quicker.