Glasgow’s Future Stories in 2030


25 September 2019

My Role


Project type

Research, Future design

Creating and designing what Glasgow will look like in 10 years time!

Collaborative Futures course 2019-2020. Sharing my industry knowledge and collaborated with the product team to produce the outcome (2 CCI members where part of the team of 8.) A research-led and speculative vision of what the future stories of Glasgow in 10 years time.

The problem

Glasgow’s Future Citizens in 2030, What would that look like?



What I did

  • Co-design the project structure with the core team to identify roles and responsibilities,
  • Strategised and developed interviews with citizens of Glasgow.
  • Co-created the narratives from the research insights found in the interviews,
  • Mentored students on developing their skills towards moving from student to professional

Research and insights

  • Coming Soon!

The impact

  • Coming Soon!

Lessons learned

  • Coming Soon!


Team members involved in the project:
Keili Koppel: Design Researcher,
Lona Geddes: Innovation Designer,
Olga Mrozek: Foresight Analyst / Visual Designer,
Bethany Cheyne: Design Researcher.