Street Change Glasgow


26 May 2019

My Role

Art director, Designer

Project Type

Branding, UX and UI

Alternative Giving is a platform that offers many different ways to donate.

Street Change Glasgow was created to help vulnerable people, improving the their lives in the long term.

The problem

Street Change Glasgow platform needed a brand presence, and an identity to grab people’s attention at first glance and draw them in.



What I did

  • Understanding what the real problem is, under tight deadlines,
  • Facilitating workshops to create a vision for Street Change Glasgow, defining the vision, aims of the project,
  • Co-designing with the product owners and analysing the interviews for insights,
  • Designed and developed the visual brand,
  • Developing new ideas for the platform from low-high fidelity prototypes, receiving feedback and iterating,
  • Collaborated with an external design agency to further produce the final designs.

Research and insights

  • The client had collected over 10+ cases studies of success stories from this initiative,
  • The project was supported by Councillor Casey,
  • The project was based on the “Street Change Network” scheme developed in Manchester.

The impact

  • Designed a bright and bold identity for the project,
  • A bold marketing campaign that increased awareness of the homelessness situation that Glasgow is facing,
  • Created a bright light for people to call for help,
  • Showing that people are not alone when they are homeless.

Lessons learned

  • Prioritising my time effectively,
  • Assigning more tasks to other team members,
  • Timeline was unrealistic, should have spoken up in the initial meeting to address this,
  • Not being able to use the design process properly because of the tight deadline.