iCapital Awards 2019


27 August 2019


Glasgow City Council, iCapital Europe.

My Role:

Video Editing, Designer.

Project Type:

Advertising, Design Thinking.

Innovation It’s in our DNA…

Glasgow was one step closer towards the European Capital of Innovation award and shortlisted to the final 6.

The problem

The application needed to be submitted with an 90 seconds video that reflected the bid created.



What I did

  • Creating storyboards of the application for the video, under tight deadlines (5 days),
  • Facilitating workshops to co-create storyboards with the design lead,
  • Created the video that was used within the final bid,
  • Generating an visual advertisement campaign that would promote our bid over social media,
  • Created the music used in the bid video,
  • Setting up photo shoots with schools to get them involve in the campaign,
  • Traveling to 5 schools and 4 offices over one afternoon, improvising on scripts that didn’t work in practice,
  • Liaising with the leaders office to co-ordinate and execute the marketing campaign,
  • Designed the visual language that was used throughout the campaign run.

The impact

  • Highlighted Glasgow as an innovation capital city,
  • It created an positive movement internally that we are a city of innovators,
  • Out of 25 cities we where the runner up – resulting in winning €100,000.

Lessons learned

  • It has pushed me to learn more motion graphics as it was the first time working with it,
  • Showed me that you can do anything once you put your mind to it,
  • Not all plans are set in stone they can be moved around,
  • Building relationships is a crucial element to get success.